Crevices (B​-​luv on the beat)

by fringeowl

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B-luv ( on production (instrumental)


in my head, there are crevices

slightly a perfectionist

unsettling is my middle name..

no emphasis

sample this

retinas blink

intellectuals cringe

I benefit

off your misery?

whatever you think

say before you feel it

they’ll hate before they peep it

never kept a secret

i shared it, so I yes i leaked it

repent is a need

near me like a loyal dog

boil frogs but know deep down that you’re doing wrong

making songs

yet it doesn’t even mean shit

cause fans are aware that you’re on that preachiness

people change like the weather does to seasons

used to be a sicko

now I’m healing

you can hear things

here it is

heads sip sierra mist

ignorant to the bliss

sugar kills, you know this

you might notice that Im oh so focused

you won’t sense any glitch in my whole aura

lets co-exist


released August 18, 2016
B-luv on the beat/production