Vow demo

by fringeowl



check back for studio version


woke up plus I feel good
no more pain
I vow to live like I know I should
just want to be real
I cannot stand fake
no longer panicking
won’t tally up my fanbase
my supporters are friends and family's
this is a marathon for God
doing what it takes
won’t glorify more drama
couldn’t stand straight
people smiling back at me so I know I’m safe
calmed down, I don’t want to take a sedative
sick of the negative
allergic to the mind games
i tried to play mistakes off
that were all my fault
sinning like a hater when I claimed to worship God
on Facebook, feel I got too confessional
making better moves
healthier and more true
I will improve
no more jokes, no more cold brews
except for my coffee in the morning
or the afternoon

following my destiny
I realized that I’m my own only enemy
This world isn’t that cold with some good friends
used to roll big blunts, but some things end
change is constant
love is all we got
it’s non stop
so I gotta give it up to God
the present moment’s sacred
I need to bow down
the least we can do for Jesus is to stay strong
optimism pro-longed
positive as protons
when we all depart from bodies, life goes on
as above, so below
heaven on earth
it was written
way before my birth


released June 2, 2017
Adam Without Eve on the production



all rights reserved